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20 years on, and not a wrinkle…No? Yes! Hello Earthlings, smile Martians! They’re back! The five mischief-makers of Nojazz, shaking up sounds and audiences, regaling eardrums and eyeballs. Unpredictable, irresistible, uncontrollable, inimitable, they’re back to lead us once again into their eclectic universe of electro, soul, funk, world and … jazz, you get it! Three years after the exciting Soul Stimulation, the new cocktail of good humor made in Nojazz is called Beautiful Life. The 7th opus of these Frenchies, seventeen years after sparking the fuse with Candela. In line with its funky predecessor, this new studio album ventures even further into the electro-jazz-world, the brand’s trademark, while still keeping their soulful keel.

After revealing himself on Soul Stimulation, Jeffrey’s profoundly funk song stylings lay down the voice of Beautiful Life. His melodic lines surf on percussive, even confusing rhythms, sneaking with ease between powerful brass riffs and cleverly unbridled arrangements. Between soft madness and a sense of the collective, the Nojazz give the full studio measure of their talent for listening and improvisation. From their original French touch that caught the attention of Stevie Wonder, Maurice White (Earth Wind & Fire), Mangu and Claude Nougaro. These boys like to surprise, but do not like anything so much as to be surprised! The 7th album of Nojazz resonates like an invitation to the voyage, each title evoking a plunge into the unknown, through their collaborations across the planet of the Earthlings. We discover unexpected musical facets of Brazil (Outravida) and Africa (Meroe), we trip on US rap (Loose control), we lose ourselves in the familiar terrain of Indiana mood, we venture into a jungle of Crazy and one literally takes off on the beautiful breakaways of Daylight or the first single, Beautiful life. Jazz, Nojazz? In the sense of freedom of tone, yes. But especially funky, groovy, trendy and happy, like this invigorating Beautiful life. Nourished by friendship and maturity, these high-flying, insanely quirky musicians do not hesitate to take risks, to deliver an adventurous and borderless musical score. Good sound raised with complete freedom, to be listened to without moderation! Especially since with these notorious monsters of the stage, this Beautiful life promises us beautiful lives …


Nojazz with Teo Macero


Meeting with Claude Nougaro on “le K du Q”

Working with Wayne Vaughn, Bishop Lamont, Earth, Wind and Fire & the legendary Maurice White & Stevie Wonder.


Wayne Vaughn, Philippe Balatier, Maurice White, Wanda Vaughn, Pascal Reva 2005 – Los Angeles


Guillaume Poncelet, Pascal Reva, Stevie Wonder, Philippe Balatier, Mike Chekli 2005 – Los Angeles (China Club)


Nicolas Folmer, Mike Chekli, Philippe Balatier, Philippe Sellam,  Teo Macero 2002 – New York

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