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Nojazz: an exciting name, two syllables thrown together to create a rather provocative slogan!

It all started in 2000’ with the meeting of 5 musicians from various musical backgrounds, but willing to explore new musical areas and create a new sound.

Five strong and complementary personalities. Five musicians with a spooky and fun cyberfunk look, haunted by only one idea: make the audience dance and transport them into the heart of the new electro sound-revolution.

If there’s one concept with noJazz, it’s simply: to mix the spirit of soul music and jazz from its origins (ballroom dancing and improvisation) with modern day hypnotic sounds. Soul & jungle, trip-hop, melodies and samples, hard bop funk with some drum’n’bass dressing, it’s a marriage between swing and electro.

Band members

Photo credit: Franck FOLLET


Philippe Balatier (aka dj Balatman), perfomed with Isaac Hayes, Didier Lockwood, Yannick Noah, etc … Keyboard and samples magician, fan of James Brown & the Propellerheads – “keyboard riffs worthy of Joe Zawinul and Richard Tee’s soft & crunchy grooves (Keyboard Mgazine)”


Pascal Reva (aka Bilbo), drummer, multi–instrumentalist, with a background in pop-rock music. Played with Patricia Kaas, Mano Solo, Calogéro, Imuvrini… “powerful and provocative loops with cunning minimalism, sexy sequences that are refined & bewitching to the listener yet made of great complexity by this solid & creative drummer.”


François Mpondo (aka Jeffrey) his golden voice has lead him to many different projects, especially in cinema (Walt Disney films, Single Larusso, opening ceremonies for the Vladivostok Film Festival (Russia) & the Guanajuato (Mexico)… Gifted with enormous presence on stage, he brilliantly interprets noJazz-s soul/funk titles.


Philippe Sellam (aka Captain Slam) Saxophonist, he has played with Gil Evans, John Scofield, Roy Hargrove – “saxophone choruses by Wayne Shorter with a hint of Jan Garbarek playing with Canonball Aderley with a glass of Wilton Felder. ECM-like ethnic colors, but that could make the Swedish ice melt” (Jazz Mag)


Sylvain Gontard (aka Iron Sly) One of the French trumpet virtuosos, He’s played with Mélodie Gardot, Nikki Yanofsky, Wynton Marsalis, Lenny Kravitz… “trumpet choruses with wah wah & echo with a Tom Browne or Randy Brecker type sensual mood.” (Brecker Brothers.)

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